1. Debt recovery

Debt recovery, or credit collection, is the process of attempting to derive outstanding accounts receivable that has been frozen or put on ‘stop’. Our service is valued by acting on behalf of clients in accomplishing a successful resolution. We hold a portfolio of debts for our corporate clients that we then work to recover.

The debt collection industry is also highly regulated to protect the rights of the debtor.

2. Process serving

MSV offers an experienced and efficient personal process service to our clients. We serve clients with the assurance that they’ll be communicated with efficiently regarding the progress of services of court and other significant documentation.

We notify clients by telephone or email once service of documents has been received and effected. This notification states the time, date, location, description and other details relating to the specific case. All information relating to the serving will be logged and officially documented for your case records.

3. Asset searching

Asset searching is the act of pre-legal proceeding with an action of identifying all types of assets for a specific client. These can be owned directly or indirectly by and individual within the company or corporate entities. We devise strategies, implement and execute the client’s agreed approach in the recovery of those located assets.

Mercantile Service has extensive experience in the identification and finding the location of assets and advising clients on recovery with this information at hand.

4. Skip tracing

Skiptracing is a term used to describe the process of locating a person's whereabouts for our particular purpose of debt recovery. Skiptracing is one component to the tasks we performs in the occupation of recovering money’s on your behalf.

The term comes from the word "skip" being used to describe the person being searched for, and comes from the expression "to skip town," meaning to depart leaving minimal clues behind for someone to "trace" the "skip" to a new location. as a part of our investigations the skip tracing process entails locating a subject whose contact information is not immediately known.

5. Credit management services

We offer exceptional credit management services. The ‘winding up of ledgers’ and all corporate debt management.

Mercantile Services can perform Ledger management duties as an extension to your own accounts department. Service provided can be for the purpose of setting up or maintaining existing systems. The credit management service may be required if a client does not have the staff to perform these accounts duties.

Our clients may require Credit Management on a temporary, short or long term basis.
Mercantile Services can provide this with a personalised and responsible approach, supported by a solid foundation of industry knowledge.

6. Letters

Our recovery letter process has a 90% success rate.

We consider our letter process to be of the best quality. Avoiding legal action to our utmost priority in the process of recovering your debt. If the debtor still is reluctant to pay and all preliminary channels of negotiations have been exhausted, we have the facility to instigate legal proceedings through our network of solicitors. 

Our focus is to provide a traditional service and minimise the risk associated with the collection of your accounts.

We offer total Debt Collection Management with an exceptional level of service. We are dedicated and committed to your account. We have developed an efficient and streamlined system for our clients to login actions via our website.

Your enquiry can be made via the website or by phone. We encourage you to use our online facility for actioning recovery processes promptly. The process is streamlined with all instructions logged and dated.

Mercantile Services’ telephones are monitored seven days a week. Your initial inquiry will be dealt with on a personal basis to identify the most cost-effective method of recovering the debt. All avenues of collection will be undertaken prior to recommending legal action. If the location of the debtor is not known then a search of official records or a field location will be carried out.

Mercantile Services fees are highly competitive and may be negotiated in special circumstances. You will receive a monthly itemised account showing clearly the services Mercantile Services has performed for you.