Mercantile services was founded in 1983 as a corporate/commercial recovery agency and has been working with large commercial companies and major corporations with a faultless reputation for successful recovery coupled with outstanding personal service.

The company director, Phil Garvey has built Mercantile Services since his early education in law studies. He has worked extensively in the industry of pre-legal recovery practises for over 35 years. Mr Garvey has proven long standing business relationships, an outstanding reputation utilising thorough ethical practises with a professional attitude to all processes of recovering moneys owing. The company’s proven track record over these years of service is second to none in the industry.



At Mercantile Services we have formed a range of options to choose from when recovery services may need to be enforced. Our extensive knowledge and experience offers you the client an approach that is of the highest professional standard.

Our staff, who specialise in the commercial/corporate arena, exercise this approach on a day to day basis and provide regular communication to satisfy the clients needs.

Mercantile Services has developed a streamlined on-line system that is interactive on our website. The purpose of this on-line actioning system is to enable your debt recovery to be logged efficiently and followed through in an organised pre-determined and estimated time line.

The online registration system has our full range of action types for you to specify in logging your job.

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